Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Sage Joske, getting a little bit of shaper's feedback through the soles of his feet, Many Bay, Raglan, New Zealand.


  1. hi sage, mike c from NZ, great fishies and nice pics too, have stolen a pic for my blog , hope thats ok, check out it's put together by a local guy (nz) and is a great way to get people to check out what your up to, if you post a comment with your blog address on 'surftheblogs' it will update with your blog every time you post comments or pics on your own blog, cheers mike c, see you at the fish fry 2010

  2. hey mike, thanks for taking a look at our blog and no worries about grabbing pics. hope life's good and your getting some sweet rides.

  3. life is good as mate, glad you are all hooked up on 'surftheblogs' great way to get your thoughts out there, been getting some peelers at my local, stokage abounds, your blog looks great, if you get a chance check out my flickr at, cheers mike c