Monday, June 14, 2010


Dad with his Bedford Van 1980's.

Watched the A-Team at the cinema the other night which brought back some old memories. I used to love watching the A-Team on TV when I was a kid. I must have been pretty young because I can remember I was allowed to stay up past 7:30 which was my bedtime and watch the A-Team which started at 8. I loved that show. I thought it was pretty cool that we had a Bedford Van like Mr T.

I still think the Bedford Van is cool... not sure about dad's orange tracky dacks though.


  1. this is so dope.

    i think sage you need to get one.
    with the same paint job/valla deceals.

    and we can cruise the coast.
    and everyone will look.

  2. Cheers boys! I can see you in this car Jack!

  3. I love this car and color that is so epic

    Bedford Vans