Friday, August 6, 2010

Valla Virgin

Well, This is my first blog as being a part of Valla Saltwater Constructs. I'm frothing to be a part of the team on here as I'm loving the material Sage and the boys put up for us to geez at. I'm over in Newquay at the moment for a WQS and it's about as WQS as life gets, meaning, tiny dribbly waves, thousands of people on the beach and everyone paddling over each other to get that one elusive score. It gets a bit annoying at times! This shot is from back in 2004 on the first wooden hawaiian board Dad made with Tom Stone on my first real trip to Hawaii! It was a real privelege to see the making of the board and Tom was always trying to involve me in the process as he thought it super important to pass the skills of making these amazing boards down the line.

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