Thursday, December 9, 2010

These Boots are for Working

If you've been in the habit of stopping by this blog for a while now, you may have noticed I haven't been blogging as much as usual over the last few months. Firstly it seems to get busy in the board building game leading up to Christmas and secondly I've been finding it hard to jump in the front of the computer after long days at work and have creative energy left to say something interesting or valid . Blogging can feel like another job. But I've decided I'm going to be a little more consistent again.

The above collage illustrates the mess I make of the factory and my clothing. On most days there's foam dust, resin, glass fibres, tints, pigments and paints being flung around. Resin drips build up on my pants. This winter my glassing jeans got so much resin on them, the resin would crack and break around my knees when I sat down to eat my lunch. As you can see from the pics above your shoes get hammered as well. These shoes are in their last stages of life - the laces are resined in so I slip them on like slippers, every couple of days I have to pull off the resin and dust build up on the soles, it feels like you're walking over stones. Picking off the resin continually weakens the sole of the shoes which have begun to pull away from the body so now I have been taping them on with masking tape.

In all the choas of dust, foam and mess it's amazing that surfboards emerge at all.


  1. gotta break eggs to make an omelette sage!!! those boots are a work of art themselves

  2. i love these posts..i love that creativity can be found in something so unexpected is so wonderful to read about.
    please keep the blogs coming.