Sunday, April 24, 2011

Work In Progress

A couple of pics I took randomly around the factory recently

The above aboard is glassed with two layers of 7.5 ounce Volan top and bottom. It has dual red cedar stringers sandwiching a green foam insert. I was pretty disappointed after I glassed this board as it was originally meant as stock board and the volan looked 'patchy' after I laminated it. Apparently this can be caused if the glass gets moisture in it. I ended up acquiring this board into my quiver and am really enjoying riding it... had some fun surfs at the Pass and Valla on it recently.

Vice Log, 1/2" Cedar stringer with green tint. Going to Japan.

Verve fish, just about to be glassed.

Dual stringered Vice Log, another one for Japan. This board has been a lot of work. It has a navy tint front and white pigment in the back third; with navy splashes in the white & white splashes in the Navy. The bottom lap didn't come out quite as clean as I would have liked, so I ended up putting 3 pinlines around the bottom lap. The pic with the green tape shows me working out how to set up the pinlines. I was really happy with the outcome.