Friday, November 20, 2009

Alaia Fun with Eli

My friend Eli Jacobs called in a couple months back and we took out some Alaia's at Nambucca Main Beach. Eli lives on the Gold Coast and rides his Alaia at Snapper and Greenmount when the desire takes him. I've seen him get some really sweet rides. Eli's in Hawaii right now hopefully having a ball and stroking into some solid ones.

Both Alaia's are 7'4" and based off boards my father (Paul Joske) saw in the Bishop Museum. Eli's board is made from Paulownia and I am holding a Red Cedar Alaia dad made for himself. The surf was chest high, sloppy, and bumpy this day and really hard work. Eli got some really good rides while I was struggling. In the end Dad's Alaia corked me in my bicep and I had to come in... I could hardly drive home and couldn't work for two days. Haha what a wimp.