Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Surfing Sunday

On Sunday the family and I ventured out of Scotts Head
to Sth Valla for the Logger Heads Club Comp.
We met Sage there and after our heats Sage and I
decided to move our surfing adventures to Main Beach.
Sage trimmed across the clean faces on his Log.
while I frolicked on the new HP Log.
This board surprised me greatly,
this board looks different!
Its like, the kid in skinny jeans and a v-neck,
in the middle of a football team -
it stands out!
It surf's really well.
holds in on the nose,
while still being able to manoeuvre.
Sage then swapped for his new 4 fin Verve Fish.
And proceeded to hack and backside 360.

After a quick lunch at the Joske house
we continued down to the factory,
to look for possible templates for a new Log.
We ended up with about three different templates
meshed together for an outline
that I was very happy with.
At about 9'7 1/2" x 24" wide
this board should be a ripper.
Overall it was a very worthwile day spent.

Checking out the new colourway for the Verve

First look at the HP Log

Sundays Quiver


  1. Hey Jack... thanks for the post bro. Was nice hanging out on Sunday. Was impressed how you were riding the HP Old Mal. talk soon.

  2. you guys need to hit these posts up with some surf shots and a short clip. making me miss home so much