Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back from the Cold

Just got back from 10 days hanging out on the North Island of New Zealand filming for a documentary. Got some cracking waves but it was really cold. It was an interesting trip... there were 8 surfers of different ages and backgrounds and 4 film crew. I was so frothing being out of the factory and able to go surfing that I forgot to take many pictures.... below are a couple of snaps I took.

A couple lineup pics of Manu Bay.

A few of my boards I rode one morning at Manu Bay. I love swapping boards when I'm surfing... it's great to feel the subtleties of each board in the same waves... especially when the waves are are lined up and breaking the same.

Mt Taranaki in the top shots. Sitting in the line up you could see it gleaming in the distance. Its' snowy top looked beautiful but made me feel even colder! Bottom 2 images are of my 8'9" Alaia and an old Del longboard I borrowed for a surf. The Del was similar to some of the old mals I've been ridding here in Oz and I had a ball on this board.

Couldn't help but see the humour in this sign.


  1. hey sage, nice to meet you again at burleigh the other day. see you round, jamie.

  2. welcome back sage.. Great post, looking forward to seeing the video.
    have to catch up soon, might be in scotts on friday

  3. Thanks Jamie, Nice to bump into you in the surf bro. Hope you got some fun sliders out there.

    And cheers Tom. I won't be around for loggers but we should catch up soon.