Friday, July 30, 2010

Board Swap

This is my friend Yoshi and I with our new boards.

A few months back Yosh wanted me to make him a Vector... in the end we decided to make a board for each other and do a swap. Yoshi makes beautiful boards on the Gold Coast under his Takeda label, is a craftsmen and does some beautiful resin tints as you can see on the fish he made me.

Since beginning shaping I have found myself more and more just riding my own boards... for two reasons I guess - firstly its important to stay in tune with the boards your creating and secondly I guess I feel in some underlying way that I should be riding my own boards. After all, why would somebody buy a board off me if they saw me surfing and I'm not even riding my own board!

But the truth is I love riding other people's boards. It was interesting riding Yoshi's fish he made me... feeling different sensations on the wave than my fish gave me... drawing slightly different lines... learning.

I remember maybe about 10 years back my dad went through a period where he predominantly rode boards that other people made him. Experiencing different designs, giving himself a break from the dust and fumes, and learning a lot. I remember I thought it was a strange thing for him to do at the time.

To check out more of Yoshi's work go here.


  1. Sage san how are ya mate, I rode your Vector a few times and it`s gave me great feeling , like a "FUN" you know and I reckon that`s all I need for a surf anyway... I`m been super busy I wish I have more time to go to surf body.

    catch up and talk to you soon.


  2. that vector looks unreal. and that takeda looks very fun