Sunday, May 8, 2011

Quiver Shot: Byron 2010

Did a run up to the Pass recently to hang out with DH, Taylor, Cyrus, Richard and Leo. Waves weren't great but we had fun.

This is part of my current quiver and includes from left to right: 9'6" Vibe Log, 9'6" Log, 8'6" Kiko'o, 6'6" Alaia, 8'9" Alaia, 6'0" Vector, 7'0" Single Fin, 5'10" Quad Shorty, 5'7" Twin Keel Fish, 5'7" Styrofoam/Epoxy Quad Verve, 5'7" Styrofoam/Epoxy Quad Volta, 5'7" Twin Keel Vibe. My father made the Single Fin and the 8'9" Alaia and the rest are my own creations.

Quiver shot is by Cyrus Sutton. It was nice to hang out with Cyrus and watch his new movie 'Stoked and Broke'. Not only is Cyrus a talented filmmaker but he also surfs really well too.

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