Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Valla team does Crescent

I went on a day trip to Crescent yesterday with the 3 Valla surfboard team riders. Jack Lynch, Brett Caller and of course Sage Joske were all ripping on their Logs in the drizzling rain. We spent the day surfing small point waves only stopping to re fuel at the bakery, I am pretty sure the Crescent Bakery could now retire on the takings they made from these starving wave riders.
Above is some photo layouts of what I saw through the lens.

Slow and Steady

This is my father Paul Joske with a selection of his boards. Dad's semi-retired now but still potters around down the factory a fair bit. He's alway's telling me how busy he is... but he still goes surfing everyday. Dad's incredibly pedantic and handshapes all his boards taking down measurements to 1/64th of an inch accuracy. He also seems to be able spot any flaws in my boards with ease... and I suspect he enjoys it.

Sometimes I think dad is fighting a losing battle... I remember him quoting something Phil Edwards said in a magazine once when I suggested he overlook a minor flaw in his work "Perfection is barely tolerable". Dad hates making mistakes and maybe thats why he works so slow and methodically.
All Photos: Angela Raab

sage went loggin

Sage had a rare day off yesterday and spent it in trim at a nice little point break.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mark Sutherland

This pic is of a painting Mark Sutherland did of my dad Paul Joske out at the old shaping bay in the Valla Hinterland. I was there at the time and remember being amazed as Sutho started mixing colours and painting with his fingers. I thought he would just make a mess but then the picture took shape before my eyes.

Mark is also the the creator of Gonad Man (made famous back in the 90's in 'Waves' magazine) and he has recently brought Gonad Man back to life in a new online monthy series. Subscribers can follow the story for just over $1 a month. Check it out here.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Road Tripping

Did a road trip to the Gold coast then down to Sydney and back a few weeks ago with Jack and Brett coming along for the ride. We met up with Nathan and tried to get some clips for an upcoming Valla Promo and stayed with Jim and Suzie at TCSS headquarters. It was a lot of fun and we caught a few fun sliders. Here's some random pics from the trip.

Monday, December 28, 2009

New Valla T's

Some new Valla T's for 2010. If your driving past Nambucca Heads this Christmas Holidays call into our factory and check them out.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Summer times...

This is one of my favourite things to do... Taking my 9'6 log out on a super summery day and just having a play. Pic - Tom Woods

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Just finished these two alaia's last week. 8'9" & 6'6" both handmade from single slabs of Paulownia. The 8'9" is going to Victoria but I think I might keep the 6'6" for myself. Happy days...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Surf, organic doughnut, surf...

A few weeks ago Jack came to hang with me in the bay.
 We surfed, we ate and shot a bunch of pics with our buddy Keith Novosel.
Keith is a super nice guy and a rad photographer so keep an eye out for some of his work.

Chris with Custom Vibe

Chris is from Brisbane and escapes up to Noosa when he can find the time. He's been riding a longboard mostly the last few years and wanted to experience something shorter and a little more manoevurable. So Chris went for a custom 6'10" Vibe as shown above (with son Jude ).

Monday, December 21, 2009

Valla Vice

A few years back I started realising I had a problem. I would find myself secretly hoping the waves were knee-high while I was driving to the beach each morning. I was having so much fun logging it had become a Vice.

I've decided to call my Log model the "Vice". The above pics are a few Vice's I just finished which should now be in Ho'okupu at Byron and the Patagonia store at Torquay. If your near either shop check them out.

Ben Waters helped me with the Vice Logo and Jim Mitchell helped me out again with the colourways. Thanks guys.

The Volta...

5'8 Volta EPS quad, Shaped by Sage.
Pic by:- Tom woods

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Can't Stop Riding...

Can't seem to get off my Vector lately. Especially if the waves are slightly marginal it just makes the surf interesting. It acts so differently from my other boards I feel like I'm still piecing together the puzzle. I find myself swimming a lot but i get so stoked when I occassionally piece together a ride seamlessly.
All Pics: Tom Woods


SJ taking a stroll with the Vector at tallow's
Byron Bay.

This Pic was taken by Levi from Soularch.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

HP Old Mal

I really enjoy riding old mals - particularly the old mals right on the cusp before boards went short 66'-67'. My favourite is a 9'6" Peter Clarke Stringerless I wrangled from my father's collection.

A few years back I was watching 'Hot Generation' and I was really inspired by Midget Farrelly's surfing at Bells on what I am pretty sure was a stringerless old mal. His footwork was super tidy and he was throwing his board around - the board looked light.

The board I'm riding above was made under these influences - it is 9'2 1/4", stringerless, Greenough style fin, rolled bottom the whole way, hippy at back and pulled in and parrallel mid to front. Its light too, no stringer with a 4 oz bottom and double 4 deck. It's been a little challenging getting used to it (it's very sensitive) but I've started getting a few interesting moments on it. Not that surprisingly it's really easy to throw around... a little more surprising is that it nose rides really well - the board locks in the curl and I think that the nose rocker even flattens out a little when on the nose... very interesting and a lot of fun.
Pics: Tom Woods


Alaia's would be one of the most hardest boards to ride.
They are extremely difficult to paddle around the lineup.
I remember it took me a good full session before I even stood up.
On this day I hadn't rode one for a long time seeing as I
am getting my slide/glide hit from the Vector.
I had forgotten how hard a Alaia is to ride, but when you get
that ride you are looking for, you know it was worth all the nosedives.
But maybe riding hard boards are the right way forward in surfing.
Pictures: Keith Novosel

Dan Walters - Alaia Slides

Some sweet rides of Daniel Walters on his 8'9" AlaiaAbove pics at Bells Beach by Steve Ryan

Above pics by Julie Gallegos. What an interesting looking little rocky cove.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sydney Town I have been

So for the last week I've been hanging
out on the Northen Beaches of Sydney.
My main objective was to attend the
Raised By Wolves/Insight launch party
of Captain Fin Co.
It was held at Concrete Crayons Gallery which
had the radest mini ever.
Sean and Matt put up a collage of their
photos and art and I lent a hand.
Met some very cool people and
caught up with friends.

Jack Lynch at the Pass

Jack Lynch at The Pass from Tom Woods on Vimeo.

Little clip of "Valla surfboard" shredder Jack Lynch. This was taken in november at Byron Bay..... small logging waves.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Heath has a Volta

This is my younger brother Heath with his Volta Quad I made him. It has a stringerless styrofoam core and is laminated with epoxy resin. Fast and draws long lines.

Heath mostly rides shortboards and has just completed his first full year on the WQS where he finished around 40th. He recently got a 2nd at Santa Cruz in the 6 star prime Oneil Cold Water Classic. Pretty sweet result.

Its good to see him doing well competitively but it's also nice to see him chilling at home, taking it easy and flaring on his fish.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Brett's New Blog

Valla Surfboards teamrider and my good mate Brett Caller has started his own blog. When he's not eating, he's surfing or now blogging... check it out.

Above pics: Angela Raab

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dan with Valla Quiver

Daniel Walters with 8'9" Alaia and 5'7" styrofoam stringerless Volta fish. Dan's been studying in Melbourne and gets in surf time between lectures whenever he can.
Photos: Julie Gallegos

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jim Mitchell

This is my good friend Jim Mitchell. Artist, gentleman and one of the minds behind The Critical Slide Society.

Brett, Jack & I just spent 4 nights on Jim and Suzie's floor at TCSS headquarters. Got to see some sweet boardies, T's and boardbags. A big thankyou to Jim & Suzie.

Check out the TCSS blog here.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Valla at Alpine Beach

Dropped off a Vibe, Volta and Verve to Alpine Beach on the weekend. Cool store and great guys. Check out their blog here.


Jack, Brett & I did a trip down south to deliver some boards, catch up with some old friends and catch a few waves. Katherine Hall took some pics of this session at Copacabana. Lots of fun.


Joe Hall


some hippy bloke

Monday, December 7, 2009

Fun times at the Pass..

So the last week
I ventured up to Byron Bay
to visit fellow slider Brett
Most of the time we shredded up the pass
Keith Novosel was also there to document the action
But here are some pictures taken from In Byron Bay Today