Sunday, May 27, 2012

One Fin is Fun!

Sage created these beautiful single fins for me a few weeks ago. The pink and orange rig is a 5'8" based off a 6'0" round nose, round tail that Dad shaped and surfed in the very early '80s, I think... The burnt orange babe is a 6'8" rhino chaser straight from the Middle Valla green room in the early '70s. I'm yet to ride the 6'8" babe as the surf has been exceptionally lazy the last few weeks but I've had heaps of joy on the 5'8" rig. I'm loving the different lines you can draw with single fins, especially flying high-line soul arches through speedy sections and longer drawn out lines. So fun...


  1. How's that rig on the he a single? I wouldn't mind a ride of that babe !!!


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