Monday, February 8, 2010

Back on Board

Just got back home from my week long impromptu holiday up to Noosa and back. Caught up with family and lots of friends and spent 5 days with Derek Hynd at Noosa in his Campervan chasing point waves. I am a pretty hopeless photographer but I took some happy snaps when I remembered to. I didn't get any good shots of the surf... I was just too frothing to get out there and forgot all about my camera.

It's good to be home refreshed and I'm looking forward to hooking into my outstanding board orders and also do some more blog posts.

I just love surfing at Noosa. Such a pretty place and such a pretty wave. The waves break mostly over sand and the points are lined with rocks and gum trees.

Photo top left : Derek hanging with sammy - Derek is a dog lover and stops, pats and talks to every dog he meets. Photo middle top: Myself, Derek and Belinda - I first got to know Derek and Belinda a few years back on King Island and it was great to catch up again. Also above is the campervan we called home (well sort of) for 5 days.

Surfing and hanging out with Derek is always fun. He has a wealth of knowledge and has an interesting insight into surfing and people. It's always interesting conversation. He also has mastered his own unigue style of friction free surfing - low sweeping turns and spins, smoothly seamed together. Above pics: AK

Above pics of myself by AK.

A couple of random pics of the longboards I took with me and one of Derek's many finless boards.

A messy Burleigh Heads this morning.


  1. great post Sage... I reckon Noosa was the spot for the last week! looks like you had some fun. I'll see you on thursday arvo... calling into the factory with Jack L to pick up a board on the way to Scotts

  2. chilling with hynd, lucky bugger, good on ya mate looks like fun, good photos too, mike