Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wrestling and Glassing

Spent this morning wrestling foam. Jack has ordered a 9'8" Noserider which I'm shaping out of a big thick polystyrene blank. I say wrestling because thats what it felt like... trying to make the styrofoam conform to the shape in my mind. A lot of the time I was knocking out bumps. Looking down the rail contours - sighting the bumps - sneaking up on them - hitting the spot - then looking down the rail contours again. By lunchtime my eyes were tired and I was noticing more and more bumps. I know it will look a lot better in the morning.
This afternoon I glassed a couple of tints. I enjoy taping the laps and mixing the colours. And I love the slick look of wet resin and watching how the different coloured resins interact when they touch.
Above pic: Angela raab


  1. Hey mate ..mmm familiar colour, using the rest of that tint?
    Got a heap of waves down in yamba and angourie over the weekend, having a heap of fun on the 'blue bullet' haha
    catch ya soon
    Luke W

  2. Hey Luke,

    Nice to hear from you bro and stoked your enjoying your board.

    Just had a fun surf at main beach of all places... and looks like the swell will be around till the weekend.

    take care bro and talk soon,