Monday, February 1, 2010


I'm up the Gold Coast right now and should be shooting back home tomorrow with some more blanks and materials... After all people are waiting for their boards. But the swell has come up and the wind has turned south, and I suspect the waves are going to be pumping a few hours north. When the surfs good you have to try and get out there, thats the whole point of working hard isn't it? So please be patient with this blog, and please be patient if your waiting for your board... I'll work harder to make up the time when I get home. Hope your getting some waves too.


  1. enjoy mate... the work will wait, go surf!

  2. so... where's my board??!

    just kidding :)

  3. good on ya sage, we all need time out, it's when we do all our thinking and creating, you need to surf to create, i had a log, mat and photo sesh today, great time out, refreshed !, mike c