Friday, March 26, 2010

Back from Noosa

Back to work today after a week and half at Noosa via the Gold Coast to attend the Fish Fry and pick up materials. The swell was relentless... head high or larger peelers every day. And the sand at low tide Noosa reminded me a little of the Gold Coast super bank - you can walk from first point out past Jonsons along the sand.

Had about 20 boards packed up in my dad's Van and surfed myself silly for a week straight with Brett and Jack. This year I decided to not compete and just take it easy and free surf. I'm glad I did as the waves were cracking for the fish. Happy Days.

The lineup at First Point on the weekend.

Jack took out the Junior division this year. Good on you bro.

Up top is Old Mal Maestro and Single Fin lover Isaac Fields.

Anna-lisa and Keith up top and below Brett eating Le Monde pancakes while I look on in envy.

One of the highlights of Noosa - Massimo's ice-cream.


  1. looks like i missed a good week Sage! glad you got some pumping waves. catch up soon mate

  2. hey tom... yeah it was pretty fun. Look forward to catching up soon.

  3. I still reckon the tea-towel idea is a go-er...


    (No, really.)