Friday, March 12, 2010

Meeting the Parmenters and Noosa

I was very fortunate yesterday to get a visit from Dave and Claudia Parmenter. Dad and I showed them through the factory and then we checked out some boards together.

I'm a real fan of Dave's shaping, writing and surfing.

This morning I snuck away from the factory and surfed an uncrowded beachbreak with Mark Sutherland and Dave. Sutho had his new "Aleutian Juice" Parmenter Widowmaker and Dave was riding a lovely six channel single fin.

This arvo I packed up Dad's Van full of fishes, logs, Vectors, Alaia's and an old mal to head away for a week. On Sunday I'll go to the Fish Fry at Currumbin, then I'm heading up to Noosa for a week. Happy Days.

I won't get a chance to blog for about a week but rest assured I'll be back blogging as soon I'm back.

Dave, Claudia and Dad

Dave checking out the Vector

Dave, Hot Curl, Dad and myself.

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