Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Vector for Ho'okupu

A new Vector I dropped off at Ho'okupu on the way to Noosa recently. If your heading to Byron Bay stop in and check it out.


  1. i saw it, pride of place in the front of the shop, super sick bro, like it, if i could shed about 20 kgs i would have got it for me, well done sage, the vector is a one off, yours, no mistaking, you must be stoked to have such an innovative shape that is yours alone, tested and proven, great to catch up at the fry, see you at the wooden boards day ?

  2. Thanks for your kind words Mike. Was great to see you and roger at the Fish Fry too. It's still a way off but I reckon I'll be trying to make it to the wood day. Take Care bro.