Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Three

These are the first 3 boards I that I made when I started learning the craft from dad. Stumbled across this pic when I was looking through some old photos the other night.
From left - 6'0" thruster, 5'4" Lis fish, 6'1" thruster.
The two shortboards are beat up. I snapped the 6'0" and the 6'1" is hidden away somewhere. My Lis style fish is still around but it has seen better days too. I can remember it took me about 18 months to learn how to ride it.


  1. hahhahahahahah. classic shot.

  2. Yeah right... like it takes you more than two minutes to learn to ride anything... :-D

  3. Hey Mick,

    Hope you and the family are well bro. And your getting some waves.

    the truth is i am a slow learner... but I don't like to give in. That lis fish took a lot of my time and determination and it was worth it.

    take care and hopefully catch up not too far down the track.