Friday, April 16, 2010

Same board different mediums....

My favourite fish is the styro, stringerless volta. I just love the way it flexes and accelerates faster than any other board that I have ever riden. Below is a woodsy shot awhile ago now on my once snow white styro volta thats had a little makeover as she was showing her age.
Just before Noosa Sage hooked me up with a brand new volta, I was stoked. This time just a standard PU blank and resin. Its strawberry red and grey and goes like the clappers, I have been having a lot of fun on this board. I'm finding it interesting riding these two boards lately as I am learning alot about the differences in performance and flex patterns due to the different mediums used and the effects that a stringer plays. I am finding it a little hard to put my finger on the exact variations as they do ride very similar and the variations are very suttle. I have found that the styro has a sense of aliveness about it that I have not yet experienced in other boards and that the volta model itself is a really good all-rounder. Below are a few pics that Woodsy snapped up over Easter down home on my new board.

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