Monday, September 27, 2010

Paul from Canada

I met Paul out in the surf at Raglan NZ last year and was struck by his friendly nature and enthusiasm for surfing. We caught up again earlier this year when Paul was traveling in Oz and happened to be passing through the area. He was keen to check out the factory with the idea in mind of making some boards for himself sometime in the future.

I got these pics via email the other night of Paul's efforts - handmade beauties. Being landlocked in Canada, he's only surfed them behind a boat in the river so far, but he's having fun. He's super keen to get them in the ocean sometime soon.

I reckon thats awesome.

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  1. Hi Sage. Love your enthusiasm and genuine joy in the craft that's all things surfing. You have a gift in your insight and honesty in summing up and appreciating the spirit of all things surfing - especially the art form of shape and design of great boards. Love your articles and your prose. I and look forward to reading more of your thoughts and unique purist insight. Keep up your amazing passion and skill for the mechanics and spirit of surfing. Cheers Julie N