Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Resin Chaos

I've been glassing the last couple of days. Something I mostly enjoy. The vivid colours, the shiny slickness of wet resin, the alertness and slightly increased heart rate when you're racing against the catalyst. Time flies.

Working primarily with resin tints and pigments I've also been making a mess. Colours up my arms... drips on my t shirt, my jeans, even the soles of my shoes are a sticky mess. In the shower the last few nights I've pulled out most of my arm hairs that are coated with resin.

Its really nice at the end of the day to lean in the doorway to the glassing room and just take in the days work. It completely amazes me that you get such a beautiful result out of all those fumes and stickiness.

Pic: Angela Raab

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