Thursday, September 9, 2010

Paul in South Africa 1973

Dad on a solid Jeffreys Bay wall surfing his 8'2" Single Fin. In 1973, Paul spent 12 months in South Africa and the entire Winter at Jeffrey's. Being pre-legropes dad would surf in the morning, come in and fix any dings from loosing his board to the rocks lining the point, then surf in the afternoon.


  1. This post makes me want to quit everything and chase swells around the globe.
    Would like very much to meet Paul Joske in person. And the rest of the crew of Valla surfbords. Maybe someday, when travelling to Australia.

  2. Hi Rodrigo,

    Yeah I know what you mean... I would love to drop everything and chase the surf too!

    If your in Oz feel free to drop in the factory and say gday. Dad's often pottering around down there, when he's not surfing. Hope your getting some waves bro.