Thursday, December 17, 2009

HP Old Mal

I really enjoy riding old mals - particularly the old mals right on the cusp before boards went short 66'-67'. My favourite is a 9'6" Peter Clarke Stringerless I wrangled from my father's collection.

A few years back I was watching 'Hot Generation' and I was really inspired by Midget Farrelly's surfing at Bells on what I am pretty sure was a stringerless old mal. His footwork was super tidy and he was throwing his board around - the board looked light.

The board I'm riding above was made under these influences - it is 9'2 1/4", stringerless, Greenough style fin, rolled bottom the whole way, hippy at back and pulled in and parrallel mid to front. Its light too, no stringer with a 4 oz bottom and double 4 deck. It's been a little challenging getting used to it (it's very sensitive) but I've started getting a few interesting moments on it. Not that surprisingly it's really easy to throw around... a little more surprising is that it nose rides really well - the board locks in the curl and I think that the nose rocker even flattens out a little when on the nose... very interesting and a lot of fun.
Pics: Tom Woods


  1. Hey mate, some nice shots. Hotdogin!
    So when will we get to see these Valla tees?
    Have a good christmas budy. All the best.

  2. Hi Timmy, i'll post some pics of the Ts soon. Hope your well and getting some waves and enjoying the xmas break.