Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Just finished these two alaia's last week. 8'9" & 6'6" both handmade from single slabs of Paulownia. The 8'9" is going to Victoria but I think I might keep the 6'6" for myself. Happy days...


  1. that 6'6" looks amazing Sage.
    Definitely keen to give it a bash next time you're up mate.
    Boards looks sick in Ho'okupu too!

  2. i think that it's a good idea to keep the 6'6" ...i have my eye on something very similar. looks great.

  3. Hey Evan... thanks bro. Yeah you should have a ride for sure. It would be good to catch up with you sometime soon and talk work.

    Hey Dan... Hope your getting some waves back on the central coast. You'll have to have a ride on the 6'6" alaia and see what you think.

  4. sounds good. i expect to be around your way in the second or third week of january.