Friday, December 4, 2009

Valla Vector

I've decided to call the Alaia-Fish Hybrid the Vector. I can remember drawing Vectors in Physics class at school and if I remember correctly the little lines were measuring speed and direction. The allusions to speed and a straight line seem to fit.
The Vector is very fast in trim and I have been riding it more than my other boards the last few weeks. I find myself forced to approach the waves differently and draw different lines. Very interesting and a lot of fun.
Photos: Tom Woods


  1. Hey Sage Thanks again for droping into the store. I made a blog for the store check it out

  2. Do u lend that rig to Zeb from quik?? i think i saw him surfin it a while ago?? into wat your doin mate!! I do some boards with Jordan Nobel you should check out his blog... Jordan Nobels Universe... Yeeewwwww :)

  3. Hey Timmy, Was great to meet you bro and loved checking out alpine beach. Your blog looks good too.

    Hey Sean, yeah I gave Zeb a ride when I was down in Torquay a while back. I didn't see him ride it but my mate simon said he was ripping on it. Jordans a great surfer, good to hear you do some boards with him... I'll check out the blog.