Friday, January 29, 2010


Making boards can feel bittersweet. I Spent today sanding which is probably my least favourite process making the boards. It can be monotonous and its always dirty and dusty. And it really was great to dust off this afternoon and leave the factory.

Creating surfboards is a dirty, fumy process. You have to deal with unsavoury chemicals and toxins. I'm sure its not good for my health and I spend most hours of my day with a respirator on. If it was anything other than surfboards I don't think I could do it.

Each step making a board is challenging and has its skill sets necessary to bring that step to completion. And if you make a mistake you can wreck the board. Despite all this, the creative process involved with shaping, glassing (especially tints and pigments) and even bringing back the form during the sanding process is rewarding and satisfying... And then I guess the best thing is riding the finished form.

Sometimes I get a bit upset at the dust, fumes and chemicals but then I realise how much I love making boards and how lucky I really am.

Above pics: Angela Raab


  1. Hang in there Sage we love what you do with a passion. See you at the Fish Fry.

  2. Hey Grant,

    Thanks for the encouragement. I'm really looking forward to the fish fry again this year... and then the week at Noosa afterwards.

    Hope your well bro and getting some fun waves.

  3. Hi Sage. I spend a fair bit of time sanding. And I quite enjoy it. I know that may sound a bit strange to some people, but for me it is a chance to escape from the world for an hour or two. No phone calls, no radio. Just me, my mask, my sander and my ear muffs. Then off I go into my own little world. A chance to think about things without any interuptions. Just me the hum of the sander and the dust.


  4. dont get sucked into the fan bro, the fry is not far away, hope to catch up with brett in NZ and grant newby when he comes over in the next week or so, we have good sizey swell at the mo so dawn attack is on the cards, camera,log and mat, chru bro, mike c

  5. sickness Sage. Nice pics too Angela.

  6. Hi Platty,

    Thanks for your comment... and I can understand how you feel about sanding giving you some time and space to think and be with yourself... Its good to hear you have made peace with the noise and dust. I think I was feeling a little melancholy when I made my post!

    Hey Mike,
    Sounds like your getting some waves. Have fun with Brett and hope you get some sweet waves and shots.

    Hey Ryan,
    Hope your well bro. I've booked my flights to Japan again this year May 20 - June 6. SO hopefully catch up with you again over there. ope your getting some waves too.

  7. nothing better than sanding a board with zero weave showing then wet rubbing that baby up