Monday, January 11, 2010

Completed Kumu

A couple of pics of my completed Kiko'o I named Kumu.


  1. hi sage, been stoking on your blog mate, looking forward to the fish fry, roger is working on some amazing wooden boards, speed dialers and a twin keel, progress pics on love your kumu, inspirational, you are very lucky to have tom woods on board, great photographer, keep creating, roger said hi by the way, mike, PS can i link your blog to mine, it will update on mine everytime you post anything

  2. ps sage you are most welcome to use any images from my flickr galleries of the fish fry and the wooden boards day, lots of valla surfboard images just go to and find the links on the bottom right hand side, cheers mike c

  3. hey Mike,

    yeah should be fun at the fish fry. You guys should try and come up to the noosa festival of surfing afterwards as well... thats always fun as well.

    Say gday to Roger for me... and your welcome to link your blog. Thanks for the use of your images from flickr too.

    hope your getting some fun rides and see at the fry.