Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Vector for Patagonia

Here's some shots of a new Vector I just finished for the Patagonia store in Torquay. The Vector's are quite challenging to make - being stringerless I put the rocker into the board during the glassing stage and also the double-square edge rail is time consuming to sand and fair up. I have been having a ball riding mine so I just hope whoever ends up with this board has a great experience riding and learning about the board. If you happen to find yourself in Torquay drop in and take a look...

Thanks to the guys at TCSS for their help - Jim Mitchell with the inspiration for the colourway and Ben Waters who designed the Vector logo for me. I appreciate it guys.


  1. Yewwww. I need to order one of these. So fun.

  2. I'm saving up for one of these too.... crazy, crazy good board!

  3. bro the vector is sick, the images and footage of it are amazing, are you bringing on to the fry ?, keen to see it in the flesh, mike c ps hoping to catch up with brett on his NZ trip, if i do get some nice images of him i will email you some

  4. Hey thanks Nathan & Tom, I can see both you guys ripping on a Vector. I was working on a another couple today and they really are toime consuming to sand... so much edge. Hope you guys are both well.

    And Cheers Mike. Yeah I'll definately be taking a few Vectors to the Fry; and I think I'm going to lend mine to Brett when he shoots over to NZ. Brett's a great guy, I'm sure you'll enjoy hanging out with him and get some sweet shots.