Thursday, January 7, 2010

Summer Fun

Summer's in full swing and I've been getting out most mornings for a surf... such a nice way to start the day. These pics from Tom Woods are pretty old now but really illustrate the summer surf feel... board shorts, crystal waters, blues skies, warmth and sun.

Tom's a fan of swiming and taking water shots and he often gets some interesting angles. I can remember I was riding my "Cherry Fish" ( I called it that because it had a cherry coloured deck tint) which was an early Verve prototype... didn't get off that board for months.


  1. mate before i forget roger says hi and looks forward to seeing you at the fry 2010, just watch the video by nathan, fan freaking tastic mate, great images, surfing to match and that vector is SICK, enjoyed !!!!, micro* surfline NZ

  2. Hey Micro,

    Thanks for checking in again and stoked you liked the promo... nathan did a great job.

    Looking forward to catching up with you and Roger at the fish fry too.