Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Slowing Down

I've had our showroom (above pics) open over the Christmas/New Year break which has been cool. Quite a few people have dropped in to buy a Valla T-Shirt and check out the boards. If you've dropped by thanks very much!
It's finally slowed down so I now I'm back out in the factory making a start on the orders which have been slowly building up. It was nice to get back up in my shaping room this morning... happy days.


  1. Hi Sage, I've seen all your good stuff last year at the fish fry.....
    amazing things!
    Next time I'll be in OZ I visit you lab!!!!

  2. Hey thanks...

    Checked out your website... looks like some nice boards you guys are doing.
    Make sure you stop in when your in OZ next... sounds good.