Friday, January 15, 2010

Underwater Shots of Kumu by Andrew Kidman

It was nice to catch up with Andrew Kidman last year before he went to New York. We went for a surf at very average Dbah where he took some sweet underwater shots of my 8'6" kiko'o style board called Kumu. I really enjoy riding this board and i've noticed how Kumu seems to come alive in bigger more powerful waves, the curved bottom and rails creating suction and hold, allowing me control. I've ridden my 8'9" alaia in similar waves and in comparison I feel like I'm holding on by my toe-nails and largely out of control.

It was really interesting for me to see the interaction between the water, and the hull and rails in Andrew's shots. It's nice to put the underwater visuals to the feelings I get when Kumu locks into the curl and sucks to the wave.

A couple of land shots showing the curves of Kumu.

I included this pre-surf shot because of the writing on the big rock behind me. It says "Tom's Rock" which is ironic as I was inspired to make Kumu after my dad made a Wiliwili kiko'o with Tom 'Pohaku' Stone' in Hawaii one year. Pohaku means 'stone' in hawaiian.

Underwater trim

Rail line sequence.

Some more random underwater images.

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